Gayness and getting on with skateboarding: an interview with Yann Horowitz / by Nick Mulgrew

Photograph © Jansen van Staden

Photograph © Jansen van Staden

Huck Magazine
13 November 2014

I spoke with my old school pal Yann-Xavier Horowitz for Huck Magazine about the troubles with coming out, the troubles with being a gay sportsman, and the troubles when all everyone wants to talk about is how you've come out and that you're a gay sportsman.

NM: It’s a tough position, I suppose, because it’s something that you feel doesn’t define your identity, but because it’s something that people don’t speak about – and it’s important that they do – you sort of have to speak about it.

YXH: Yeah, totally. Look, I’ve made a decision to talk about it so that it can be out there and that people can talk about it. But it’s getting to the point now where I’m getting tired of speaking about it. And I shouldn’t have to be tired of speaking about it. Ideally I shouldn’t have to speak about it at all.

Look at this way: if people were going to say either, ‘Hey, there’s Yann-Xavier Horowitz the skateboarder!’ or, ‘Hey, there’s Yann-Xavier Horowitz the gay skateboarder!’, I’d prefer the first option. Most people would choose that.

I could say I am an activist by speaking out, but I’m not going turn it into something bigger than what it actually is, and that is just me living my life.

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