Ten Questions with Larry Siems about Guantánamo Diary / by Nick Mulgrew

Image courtesy of Aerodrome

Image courtesy of Aerodrome

I had the immense pleasure of interviewing Larry Siems, the editor of Mohamedou Slahi’s almost-incredible Guantánamo Diary, a searing memoir of Slahi's years-long, unlawful incarceration in Gitmo. (He's still there.)

During the interview, we chat about the immense readability of the manuscript, naive redactions on the part of the US authorities, the challenges of corroborating information, and other aspects of the unique challenge of editing Slahi's vast, brilliant and chilling diary.

The full interview is currently on Aerodrome. Click here to read it

I wonder what the experience was like for you personally, reading Slahi’s diary for the first time?”

”I was transfixed, too. It was like hearing a voice from the deepest void.