Moving to Edinburgh

I am moving to Edinburgh from September 2019.

A quick FAQ, from the perspective of the sort of person who F As me these Qs:

1) What is happening to uHlanga?!
uHlanga is staying the same. I’m still publishing poetry books in South Africa, albeit from afar and with a modified publishing schedule. I have very capable people (and over-qualified friends) to handle various tasks that I can’t do from Scotland.

2) Phew, OK. What are you doing there?
Yes, I understand that my movement is not what is important, but rather my tiny poetry press – but thank you for asking anyway. I am moving in order to commence a PhD in English (Writing Practice) at the University of Dundee.

3) I hope it will take you a long time?

4) Are you coming back to SA?
Unfortunately for you, yes.

5) Why Scotland?
Fortunately for me, it’s nice.